I don’t talk to myself.
But I do write letters in my head to anyone and anything.

So as an aside (to Momiji to Mitsukoshi) I have decided to blog my ‘head letters’.
You’ll see.

Please don’t take any of this seriously.

What you will read here are letters that I write in my head constantly; when I’m thinking that is.
When I’m not, I’m probably asleep…
or at work..

I don’t want to shock or offend, so please don’t be shocked or offended.
You may find this all very boring and pointless, but I’ve already told you it’s about what’s going on in my head, so what did you expect?

I guess I’m doing this more for my own entertainment.
I’m not really sure what I’m doing this for.
Other than because I can.

If you are psychologist and you wish to help conduct a study on my ‘head letters’, then please leave a comment.

If you’re not, then,
Welcome to ‘Dear Thingummy’



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