Dear Bali

Dear Bali,

I just heard a funny bird singing outside and it reminded me of you.

For some reason I am missing you so badly today.

I miss the way your warmth enfolds me, day and night. I miss the smell of you.

I miss the smiling, brown faces of your people, their perfect white teeth, their sincerity, friendliness and eagerness to please.

I miss wandering your streets, avoiding sidewalk obstacles, gazing into windows at an endless array of fashion for the body and home. I miss your beautiful, bedraggled dogs and your fragile, forlorn felinesĀ .

I wish I could be with you right now. I’m cold in this place. Winter always makes me miss you more.

I can picture my plane coming into land at your primative airport, my heart pounding wildly, knowing that in just moments I will be in your embrace.

It’s hard not knowing when I’ll see you again. I hope it will be sooner than I think.

Until then…

M xx